Membership information

Who can be a member of AEGEE-Debrecen?

Anyone, regardless of nationality or being a student, who is older than 18, but younger than 35 on the day he/she joins the organisation or extends his/her membership.


How much is the membership fee?

The annual membership fee is 8000 HUF. It is valid for 365 days.

How can I join?

For further information about the application write us:


What are your rights as a member?

The membership allowances are recorded in our fundamental rule document (Alapszabály), under article III/3. A not legally binding translation of this article is the following:

  • the right to participate on a general assembly,
  • the right to speak and propose on a general assembly,
  • the right to vote on a general assembly,
  • the right to call for an exceptional general assembly,
  • a member of the association can elect and can be elected,
  • can organise programmes with the permission of the board and with the contribution of his/her fellow members,
  • the right for participation on the events organised by the association,
  • the member of the association is obliged to comply with the requirements of the fundamental rule document (Alapszabály), to help the operation of the association and pay the membership fee,
  • to protect the interests and the reputation of the association against people and organisations outside the association.

How can I extend my membership?

You can extend your membership at any time by transfering the annual membership fee to our bank account. If your membership has already expired, we will reactivate your Intranet account and your membership will be valid for 365 days from the day we received your bank transfer. If your membership is still active, we will extend its length by 365 days.