Travel journal: Brescia Olympics 2012 (Summer University)

Brescia Olimpics

Ciao Ragazzi

Yeaaah….. Italy

This was my first time to visit Italy and take part in a SU. I’ve been at home for 4 weeks now and I still miss my SU. I spent a wonderful time in Brescia, Lombardia. It is a nice and old city and the view was amazing. (hills as far as the eye can reach), so Brescia is cool. I think it looks a little bit like my city, Debrecen.

We were a great team and the organizers were the best. I guess they should receive an award. They did an excellent job. The dormitory was luxurious, so I felt home. I was really satisfied. The meat…..honestly I like Italian food so much! Especially pasta with pasta and pizza with pasta J ( top secret: never ask the following question when you are eating pizza in Italy : Where is the ketchup? ……) yeah so meat: everything was very very delicious and we had big portions ( after lunch I always had to relax ) so 10 points. I really enjoyed that I could feel (a little bit) that I was part of the city.

We did a lot of sports ( yeah it was not surprising –Brescia Olimpics J) we took in Thai chi lessons where we could find our inside harmony, we learnt to play football with a professional coach, we played baseball ( it is amusing if u can feel/ understand the essence of this sport) ect. ect. What was my favourite programme?! Maybe the adventure park . It was scary and amazing but I haven’t tried everything so I must return next year because I want second a chance to prove that I can survive it J

I enjoyed the Italian lessons ( it means learning while having fun) where we could learn some basic and useful words ….ma che cazzo…..

We had the European Night in Bovegno. I think we disturbed the peace of Bovegno. The Hungarian corner made „lángos” and „kenyérlángos” and of course the others tried Hungarian home-made Pálinka ( a shot like a poison) I guess the Pálinka was more popular and even better than „lángos” but the Hungarian girls can cook. We did it J

The optional part was a trip to Venice and Caneva aqua park. Venice ….crowdy but charming and the gondola was unforgettable.The aqua park was good, too with  many slides, many experiences. Verona is a lovely city , narrow streets , many people … I couldn’t find the Romeo but Julia’s boobs are really great ( I mean  there is a proverb if someone take Julia’s boobs he/she will be lucky in love .)

Oh and I must say some words about Garda Lake……I love it, if you want it is peaceful, but if you want, it is crazy. And the view ……I can’t find words for it….amazing, lovely, peaceful, awesome, impressive ect.ect. I guess I fell in love with Garda lake. We watched the sky one day: it was starsfall-time…. I think I saw one…. I wished something 😉

All in all:

Eat nutella, play football, drink in Barzotto, feel the sunshine, dance in the swimming pool and Fura Paura  

 Zsuzsa Kékesi

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