St. Patrick’s Day in Debrecen!

Once upon a time in Dublin’s fair city
Where ale’s sweet, life’s fun & girls are so pretty
The pubs shut the doors
No more beer of course
Financial crisis, oh, such a damn pity!

Proud Irishmen cried, hey it just cannot be
Even jolly girls fell in deepest agony
Let’s go somewhere else
Thus one of them tells
A place which name is at least started with ‘D’!

They stroke upon a town, far away from them
Where there’s less fine green than in mother Ireland
But there will be beers
With cheap whiskey, cheers
Join us on St. Patrick’s in charming Debrecen!


Come and have a wonderful party with us at Bakelit (21 Kossuth St., Debrecen) on the 17 March from 8pm! No entrance fee.

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