Summer University

The wait is over! Now you can choose your summer university, and apply for the #summerofyourlife! Apply here:

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Idővonalra feltöltött fényképek

Köszönjük mindenkinek aki eljött a Mobility Café mai rendezvényére. #aegee #aegeedebrecen #summeruniversity #dehök #mobilitycafe #esndebrecen..

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Spring AGORA București 2019

Today is your last chance to apply to Spring AGORA București 2019! Don’t miss it, apply on the link below, and see you at the Agora! 😉

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Spring AGORA București 2019

You have only 1 week left to apply for Spring AGORA București 2019! Shape the future of AEGEE with your friends! 🙂 Don’t hesitate, register..

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AEGEE Summer University 2019

Tudod már mit csinálsz a nyáron? Mi már tudjuk. ✈ Kezdd el már most tervezni melyik nyári egyetemre fogsz jelentkezni 2019-ben! A következő..

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Network Commission of AEGEE-Europe

English version below. Sziasztok! Még lehet jelentkezni a romániai Iasi-ban hamarosan megrendezésre kerülő RTC-re (Regional Training Course),..

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AEGEE’s Member of the Year 2018: Réka Salamon — AEGEE Golden Times

Yes, it’s Réka Salamon again – voted in the annual Golden Times Review as AEGEE’s Member of the Year 2018. Congratulations to Réka, former..

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AEGEE in 2018 (Part V): Viola, Aleksandra, Jesús, Julia, Erifyli and Fabrizio — AEGEE Golden Times

Thanks to the AEGEE Golden Times Magazine, and Gunnar Erth, the annual December AEGEE Review & Preview series started to come out of the oven…

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We wish you all, who celebrate, a precious holiday season and a great New Year full of experiencing, learning and discovering – with and through..

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Summer University

Do you want to start 2019 with AEGEE-spirit, and at the same time learning useful skills from experienced SU organizers? 🙂 The possibility is..

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Are you passionate about society and eager to explore other countries to find out what people think? Would you like to travel for 1 month by..

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AEGEE-Moskva and AEGEE-Tyumen invite you to spend unforgettable holidays on NYE Meanwhile in Siberia! 🙂 From December 28 to January 6 you will..

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Participating Autumn Agora Istanbul 2018

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Golden Times

Sziasztok! Itt olvashatjátok az új board-dal készült interjút.

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New Local Board Elections Take Place For 2018-2019

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