Golden Times

Sziasztok! Itt olvashatjátok az új board-dal készült interjút.

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New Local Board Elections Take Place For 2018-2019

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Former Boardie & Honorary Member of AEGEE-Debrecen Réka Salamon Joins The Organisers' Core Team Of AEGEE's Biannual International General Assembly

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An Extensive Hungarian-Language Interview With Réka Salamon Is Published About AEGEE & Her Path In The Organisation

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Participating Trainers' Forum 2018

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You can still apply for the summer of your life through the open calls! 🙂 Here’s the list:

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An AEGEE-Debrecen Member Gets Elected As Coordinator Of AEGEE's Civic Education Working Group For The 2018-2019 Term

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AEGEE-Groningen: SUrreal: Unravel the mysteries of Dutch culture | AEGEE Summer University 2018

The clock is ticking! ⏰ You have time until May 2nd to apply for your summer university! Wondering about going to the Netherlands? 🙂 Consider..

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Party spree - from lake to sea

Dear AEGEEans, SUmmer time is coming, and the application deadline for Summer Universities is even closer! 🙂 Choose the Summer of your life:..

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Summer University

Have you already decided where to go this SUmmer? 🙂 Te már eldöntötted hova utazol idén nyáron? 🙂 #SummerUniversities ️️️

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AEGEE Summer University 2018

Megnyílt a jelentkezés az idei Nyári egyetemekre! Jelentkezési határidő: május 2. Bővebb információkért várunk áprilisban infóestünkre,..

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Golden Times

Congratulations, Réka Salamon! We’re all so proud of you! ❤️

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Participating A Training New Trainers - Themed Event

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AEGEE Events

You now have the chance to become professional in event management. Apply and develop yourself! 🙂

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Idővonalra feltöltött fényképek

AEGEE-Debrecen board meeting! #aegeeans

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