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TEDx DebrecenUniversity

#Become one of the #TEDx #DebrecenUniversity Speakers. Apply now or mention a friend of yours, Fill this Application:

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Alumni meeting with board members from the 25 years-history of AEGEE-Debrecen (among them a former AEGEE-Europe president also 🙂 ) Besides catching-up,..

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Idővonalra feltöltött fényképek

After three years AEGEE-Debrecen hosted again a Travelling Summer University: The Tale of The Three Betyárs – The Hungarian TSU. 25 AEGEEans..

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Language Interest Group / AEGEE-Europe

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The Tale of The Three Betyárs - The Hungarian TSU

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The AEGEEan - AEGEE's online magazine

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Hungarian-speaking antennae with the President and Network Director at our international general assembly. #aegeepecs #aegeebudapest #aegeedebrecen

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Réka Salamon for President of AEGEE-Europe: “Question the status quo – and be the network of change-makers that AEGEE is meant to be”

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Summer University

OPEN CALL: Dear AEGEEans! Are you still looking for the summer university? Experience the summer of your life in Czech Republic! Fun activities,..

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Summer University


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Idővonalra feltöltött fényképek

Last week, some of our members participated AEGEE’s international alumni event in Budapest where several generations of AEGEEans gathered together..

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Summer University

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Russia: Art of SUrvival

Have you ever wanted to discover the beautiful cities of Russia? 🙂 Good news: AEGEE Sankt-Peterburg is organizing a summer university where..

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Summer University

Applications are open for SUs! You can apply for the SUs till 28th April! 15 days left! ✌️

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